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I have installed Cloud Linux Node JS Selector in Cpanel. Tested it with the default configs and It worked fine. Then I uploaded node.js files which were worked fine in localhost. After uploading the files, I cannot run Js Script, getting errors in npm. below is the log file, 1 verbose cli [ 1. Once you've got npm, you can install Browserify using the following command: What we're doing here is using npm to install Browserify globally on your machine (the -g tells npm to install a.

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1) Cloned the project from bitbucket. 2) cd db--> then run npm install. 3) cd srv --> then run npm install. 4) cd db/scheduler ---> then run npm install. 5) npm run local. Kindly correct me if i am doing wrong and suggest me how to proceed with the errors. Note: Please let me know step by step commands to run the project (means DB & SRV.

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Logging is an important concept in software engineering. By writing out an audit of events that occur in an application, logs provide insight to developers when trying to understand what an app's code actually does. In this post, we'll compare different logging tools for Node.js, including: Bunyan. Winston. Pino.

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